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Kill The Night

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Kill The Night is an adventure that stretches from Paris to New York, through the 1893 Chicago World's Fair to the Old West. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison are in a race to see who will lead the Twentieth Century into the Electric Age. But the night holds tightly to its dark corners. A mysterious and dangerous Gunslinger is watching, following and waiting for an opportunity to turn back history. He will chase Tesla, Edison and journalist Ida Tarbell from Chicago to Kansas City, across the Kansas plains, to the mountains of Colorado. Believing their electricity will destroy everything he loves, he has one objective-stop the inventors and destroy their inventions. He must not let them Kill The Night.

Goodreads review

In a world with cookie cutter plots it’s nice to finally have a story that is unique, with so many things I find fascinating in one book. These type of stories always lead me down rabbit holes, whether it’s because of historical context, technical description, or novel genre.