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And The Sun Goeth Down

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It is 1917. The Great War, the War To End All Wars, has raged across the globe for three long years. The Russians are ready to sue for peace, and the French and British are exhausted. Germany and Austria-Hungary are close to winning as they look west. But across the Atlantic, Woodrow Wilson is planning on declaring war. And a million fresh American troops will tip the balance in the Allies' favor.

In New Mexico, former President Theodore Roosevelt is training his Rough Rider Volunteer regiments in the desert, hoping to be sent to war. But he is not the hero he once was.

Ernest Hemingway is on his first job, an assignment as a reporter for the Kansas City Star. He has come to New Mexico to investigate an abandoned mining town. Together, they discover there is an evil rising in the Mexican desert. Towns and Native-American tribes are vanishing. The dead are being reborn.

Teddy Roosevelt is going to ride into battle one last time, and Ernest Hemingway is embarked on his first great adventure against an ancient and powerful enemy.

Editorial Review

I would give this novel a rating of 5 out of 5 stars 

I would recommend this novel to readers who love reading novels in the adventure, action, war, and history genres, as these are the themes employed in the novel by the author Terry Mark.